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T A M Z I N  M U R R A Y
actress | writer | producer

"To lose my faith is to lose myself and if I lose myself, I lose his memory. I lose the man he thought I was. I lose the good he saw in me. I become a stranger holding  another man's son in his heart."

jackson, still

written by tamzin murray


believe you can and you will.

If you told the sixteen-year old Dorothy that she would not only star in The Wiz but go on to study across the world before returning home to sold out film premieres and her own theatre productions - she wouldn't have believed you. Yet, here she is making even more unbelievable dreams believable

Tamzin Murray is an internationally trained, award-winning actress who has starred in short films such as Pride of Lions and lead roles across London theatres, most recently Steel Magnolias. She also made her writing debut with her short play Doughnuts and Ice Cream in 2018. 

In 2020, Tamzin produced, wrote and directed her first two short films STILL and HIM as well as producing her online interview series The Year of the Gentlemen.

With her most recent short film Satellites doing the rounds in festivals and her most recent pursuit of a Masters degree in TV, it's clear -

Tamzin is just getting started!



“Trust yourself. Trust what God has given you. Enjoy the wait. Learn your craft. Learn your industry.


Because when you know what you have - that gives you the confidence to wait.” 

'Pride of Lions' actress has won the Rising Star Award in January 2019.

Thank you to everyone who voted.


Available Here

Rising Star Award Winner!

March 10th | Stratford East Gerry's Studio

"In that moment, we saw what could've been in a different day, in a different way, in a different scene but your heart doesn't want what your mind says you need."

NOELLE, Doughnuts and Ice Cream

written by tamzin murray




Doughnuts & Ice Cream

g e t  i n  t o u c h  

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